News & Events (2020-2021)

November 10, 2020

Online Fitness Competition

Department of Physical Education & Sports had organised 2 days Online Fitness Competition for both boys and girls on 10 th and 11 th November, 2020 at 8.00 a.m. to 9.45 a.m. 40 students participated in this competition. There were 6 exercises in this competition where students had to perform for 30 sec each. Exercise which were included in the Competition were Jumping Jack, Push-ups, Skipping, Crunches, Squats and Leg Raise. Students had to perform this exercise continuously without stopping and the timing for the same were noted to decide the winner....

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October 08, 2020

Fresher's Day

St. Joseph's Indian Composite PU College organized this year's fresher's day on 08/10/2020, Thursday at 2.00 PM as a MST live event. The event was scheduled for a duration of 40 min. The planning and execution of the fresher's day was done by the staff committee along with 2nd year PUC students. Fresher's day commenced with the college anthem followed by a meaningful prayer and welcome. The seniors organized colourful cultural programmes which included icebreaker, group song and group dance. The programme ended with a warm gratitude by the juniors. Students from most of the second year classes were included in the programme. The following students worked enthusiastically towards th...

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September 14, 2020

I PUC Inauguration

I PUC Inauguration was held on 14 th September 2020, at 10.a.m. on Microsoft Teams. The event started with College Anthem and was followed by lighting of the lamp, prayer service, welcome dance, and welcome address by the principal. This was followed by a video presentation on College Management, staff and facilities available at SJICPUC following this was Director's message. Presidential address was given by Fr. Rector. The program culminated with a video presentation on life at SJICPUC and vote of thanks....

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September 05, 2020

Teacher's Day

We celebrate Teacher's day every year throughout the country on 5th September. Students express their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers on this day....

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August 15, 2020

Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated on 15th August 2020 at 8.15a.m. The Chief Guest for the celebration was Rev. Fr. Joseph Rodrigues, SJ, Rector of St Joseph's Indian Institution. Program started with flag hoisting followed by national anthem. Prayer service was conducted by the staff of Middle School. Mr. Tejas of St Joseph's Community College welcomedthe gathering. Patriotic song was sung by staff of St. Joseph's Indian Composite PU College. The Importance of Independence was delivered by the Chief Guest, Rector of St. Joseph's Indian Institutions. Vote of thanks, was proposed by Ms. Brigit Sudha of St Joseph's Indian High School. Program ended with the prize distribution of Institu...

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August 06, 2020

II PUC Inauguration

The II PUC inauguration ceremony was held on 6th August 2020 at 10 a.m. virtually through Microsoft Teams Live event method. It was attended by 702 students. The event started with college anthem and was followed by lighting of lamp, prayer service, virtual welcome dance, welcome address and change of guard announcements by the Vice-Principal, Directors message, announcement of II PUC board exam toppers, 100% attendance holders of 1st PU classes, inauguration Microsoft Teams Online portal by the Principal, Presidential address by Fr.Rector, announcement of II PUC class guides, video message by teachers, video message by students and vote of thanks....

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August 03, 2020

Interact Club 2020-2021

Interact clubs bring together young minds towards realizing their roles and responsibilities in contributing to the society effectively. Also to develop their inter personal and intra personal relationships while discovering their leadership qualities and power to plan and implement effective strategies in enabling service oriented projects that cater to the needs of the needy.
Interact clubs organize at least to projects every year, one that helps their institution or community and one that promotes international understanding. The rotary club would sponsor the projects conducted by the interactors, guiding them as well as equipping the right point of contact to plan and exec...

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July 31, 2020

Student Celebration - Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola

St. Ignatius of Loyola is the founder of the Jesuits all over the globe. His feast is celebrated on the 31 of July every year. We, the SJICPUC family, celebrated the feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola on 31 of July 2020. The celebration was organized through a virtual mode with a maiden attempt of virtual choir which came out beautifully. The chief guest of the day, Fr. Rohan D’Almeida SJ, addressed the students and staff, after a short video was played on the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The students also participated in online events such as creative writing, creative sketching and short film making, and a good response was received from the students’ end....

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